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Smart FAQ Optimizing


The Google SEO algorithm depends on your Smart FAQ performances and to optimize it, we provide some advises you can implement to increase user experience. It will also improve your position in Google search results.


What is CLS ?

CLS is a metric calculated by summing all layout shifts that are not triggered by an user interaction. The lower your score, the more stable your layout is.

Since June 2021, Google announced that the CLS score will start affecting your SEO.

Here is how Google measures the CLS score :

  • Below 0.1 : Good
  • Between 0.1 and 0.25 : Need improvements
  • Above 0.25 : Bad

How to improve it ?

In our Smart FAQ, we recommend to add a CSS property called min-height to the st-faq div.

During the page load, you need to reserve the space where your Smart FAQ will be displayed. So to do it, your can add a min-height like this :

<div id="st-faq" style="min-height:100vh"></div>

We already add this property to our default style but it will not be applied instantly because of the loading of our style assets. This is why we recommend to add it by yourself.